Rosette Components

One of the reasons you choose a company that makes craftsman-quality mouldings is for the beauty that wood can bring to a room or project. Rosette components are the decorative square elements in the corners of casings around a door or window. Within that square are designs in a circular pattern, often flowers or other designs, that draw the eye and bring the feel of a certain historical time or era in design.

Custom Rosette Components

Your options are wide when it comes to a custom rosette profile. From stars to leaves to a fleur-de-lis, a rosette need not be just a decorative circle inside a square. Talk to us about your vision, and from a simple sketch or an example already in hand, we can create the rosette that will tie your project together.

Once we design your custom profile, it becomes a proprietary profile, created for and filed under your business alone.

Value-Added Services

Quality finishing is available on all components. See our Value-Added Services for more information on types of pre-finishing.

All of our hardwood components, millwork and mouldings are

  • precision-cut, using the most advanced technology available
  • high quality and consistent in both the raw material we buy from reputably environmentally suppliers and the finished product you receive
  • made with craftsman quality that you won't find at a large supermarket-style lumber yard

These qualities, offered at competitive prices, make Tilo Beyond Reliable when it comes to hardwood components. Call or e-mail us today!

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