Leading Edge Technology


A combination of highly skilled craftsman and the latest in today's machining technology allows us to produce consistent, high-quality products. All of the machines used at Tilo are maintained in optimum condition to mill the most precise, chatter-free mouldings and components. Our 22,000 square-foot facility includes:

ERP Software for Manufacturing

To help control costs, ERP Software tracks every item we mill for you, further allowing us to do lean purchasing and lean manufacturing for you. ERP Software

  • gives us state-of-the-art shop floor controls
  • tracks real-time production of every order line item
  • employs a scheduling module to give us the ability to monitor workloads, avoid over-booking and complete orders on time
  • provides full order tracking for the best in-customer service


Raiman Gang Saw

"Optimizing" is the key word with the Raiman Gang Saw, getting the best yield out of all the material resources. The machine, checked regularly for accuracy, reads the board for size and shape and determines the best cut. This leads to

  • increased efficiency
  • lower cost
  • tight tolerances at the ripsaw that leads to increased accuracy at the moulders
  • glue line ready cut



Straight Line Rip Saw

Easily cuts small rush orders. 

Straight Line Rip Saw for Panels

All our panel material is cross-cut first, then ripped to width staves and laid up for wider edge glued panels. The blade is changed regularly to ensure premium cut and crisp edges. We hold the open time on cut edges to an absolute minimum to ensure a good glue joint, and quality assurance is foremost, leading to a superior cut for secure glue joints.

Grecon S90

The most optimizing cross-cut saw for PET parts, the Grecon S90 will read the board for length and width based on grading marks the operator makes. Using the Grecon S90

  • we will cut to length to your exact specifications
  • we PET your product to within a +/- .016"
  • with a fresh blade routinely changed, you have smooth tear-out free cut

Radio Frequency glue press for edge glued panels dries the glue from the center of the joint out. Glue contains water, so for the best adherence, wood must be clamped and given time to dry and cure. An RF press allows for

  • cycles as short as 45 seconds, versus conventional clamping at an hour per cycle
  • microwave-like cooking to evaporate the water from a glue joint
  • no soaking of water into the staves of wood, leading to strong panels
  • quicker machining of panels and larger volumes
  • no more than a 2.5% variation from stave to stave, leading to a superior product

Our glue machine is greased, cleaned and maintained regularly for quality.

Costa 4 Head Machine

This late model 52" planer wide belt sander carefully surfaces panels from side to side, delivering precise thickness with a platen head for top-quality finish. The Costa 4 Head Machine

  • finishes and sands many S4S products
  • sands to whatever grit is requested, typically 150- or 180-grit
12,000 RPM HSK Tool Holder Moulders from Weinig

We have two of these superb quality machines, well maintained for sharpness and accuracy. These are the best moulders on the market with the following features

  • specialized pressure elements to eliminate chatter
  • vibration control units to detect unwanted vibration
  • precise feed speeds to maintain premium finish for all mouldings
US Concepts Arch Radius Machine

This arch moulder allows us to duplicate, in arch or Radius, most of the profiles we offer. Specially shaping and bending a profile on this high-tech machine gives you that arched or radius moulding that will take your order "over the top" and allow us to meet any curve a job may throw at us.

Weinig Tool Grinder

We do all grinding of tooling in-house to ensure the sharpest knives and keenest edge available. Precision in side-to-side tolerances leads to an optimum product, and we feel that quality is more important than speed. However, well-maintained grinders lead to faster production. Our moulder heads are maintained in superb, clean condition to maintain balance, which leads to no vibration and a smoother finish.


A sliding table shaper allows for special orders, whether it's returning the ends of window sills or putting an edge on a wide product that doesn't fit through the traditional moulder. We use the shaper to complete custom orders with the same tooling and profiles that are used in the Weinig moulders and arch moulder, maintaining the same profiles and tolerances for each project.

At Tilo, each of these machines, along with other support table saws, hand routers, miter saws, band re-saw and other small hand tools work in concert to produce beautiful mouldings and components to your expectations. We strive every day to be Beyond Reliable.

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