Brick Mould

Standard or Custom Brick Mould Profiles

Brick moulds are available in one of our stock profiles or as a custom application in a variety of wood species.  Using in-house tooling, custom orders are made on site in just a few additional days. Once your custom profile is created, we can stock that profile as a proprietary profile for your business, and your business only.

Whether you call it a molding or moulding, every Tilo product is craftsman quality, made using technology that guarantees consistency, is shipped on time and offered at fair and competitive prices. That's what makes us Beyond Reliable.

  • Brick Mould - 1-1/4
    Brick Mould - 1-1/4" x 2"
Versatile and stylish.
Brick moulds serve to frame openings around brick facades, making a stylish transition from brick to a new surface or brick to opening. 

Brick moulds can accompany other types of moulding for a layered, finished look.


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