Edge Glued Panels

Create a One-Piece Look

Edge glued panels are perfect for wide dining room tables, large wooden doors, shelving, and much more. Edge glued panels are an effective way to create a large, dimensionally stable hardwood panel for a seamless and solid appearance.

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Endless Size Options

It's hard to find wide lumber because, of course, trees only grow so big. Even in large lumber, the wider a piece of wood, the more that wood moves to follow the growth ring, which results in cupping and twisting. With Tilo Industries, you can expect:

  • A one-piece look using a piece of wood 1 1/4" to 5 1/2", matching the grain and color
  • Custom butcher block style tops

Edge Glued Advantages

Our professionals create smooth, craftsman-quality panels using a precision edge gluing machine that delivers radio frequencies (RF). RF gluing works like a microwave to glue the panels together, creating a strong adhesion.

  • Shorter production times
  • Cost-benefits
  • Reduced risk of joint failure
Edge Glued Panels
Edge Glued Panels

Custom Finishing

The finishing is the last step in our edge-glued panels. We plane and sand the pieces, so they are entirely smooth, down to your requested final thickness with a platen finish.

  • Primers are paint-grade products
  • Consistent finish on all projects
  • Panel sanding that provides a smooth, finish-ready feel
Custom Edge Glued Panels

Structural Integrity No

Matter the Size

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