Radius Moulding Profiles

Standard or Custom Radius Profiles

Radius Moulding

‚ÄčAny one of our standard profiles can be made into a radius profile. If you need trim for an arched doorway, curved cabinet trim, chair rails for a curved wall, a rounded hand rail for a staircase or to replicate a historical feature, we have the technology and know-how to mill the precise trim, moulding or component you're looking for.

Often radius moulding are custom, designed for a specific look or need. Tilo's workshop includes leading-edge technology. Using in-house tooling for your custom orders, we can create your radius moulding in just a few additional days. Once your custom profile is created, we can stock that profile as a proprietary profile for your business, and your business only.

If you'd like to discuss a custom radius moulding, contact us today!

Whether you call it a molding or moulding, every Tilo product is craftsman quality, made using technology that guarantees consistency, is shipped on time and offered at fair and competitive prices. That's what makes us Beyond Reliable.

Wood, by nature, is hard and blunt. But with the right tools and expertise, you can coax the most elegant, flexible, smooth and rounded moulding from wood.

Using a radius moulder, Tilo Industries can change any standard profile we offer, or create custom profiles, into a radius moulding.
Radius mouldings can be created one of two ways, including

  • using a series of thin, laminated wood strips
  • from a cutout of a larger chunk of laminated lumber

Radius mouldings include

  • arches
  • elliptical
  • circle tops
  • curved mouldings
  • inside and outside corners on cabinets and walls

Moulding Orientation for Radius

Moulding Orientation:

If the orientation of the profile is different than our drawing in our profile catalog please specify. Otherwise we will consider it to be orientated according to our catalog. Please specify which side of the profile you want the radius measurement to be. The face of the radius or the back of the radius.

Crown Radius Orientation:

ISR (Inside Radius or concave) - Imagine installing the crown on the inside of a barrel or ball.
OSR (Outside Radius or convex) - Imagine installing the crown on the outside of a barrel or ball.
DMR (Dormer Radius) - Imagine installing the crown over a circle top window.

Base and Casing Orientation:

BOF (Bent On Face) - This orientation applies the same as the ISR definition.
BOB (Bent On Back) - This orientation applies the same as the OSR definition.
BOE (Bent On Edge) - This orientation applies the same as the DMR definition.


Diameter - The width of a circle at the center.
Radius - The measurement from the exact center of a circle to the outside. Half the diameter.
Straight Length - The straight measurement of the area to be trimmed at its widest point.
Curved Length - The curved or circumference measurement of the area to be trimmed at its widest point.
Rise - The measurement from the imaginary line of the Straight Length to the Radius.
Quarter Circle - A quarter of the circumference of the circle.
Half Circle - A half of the circumference of the circle.
Full Circle - A full circle.

When ordering an irregular radius please send us a template. Make a template that fits against the curve and mark the template with the moulding position information.

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