Standard or Custom Drawer Sides

Stock or custom drawer sides profiles are available in a wide variety of wood species.  Using in-house tooling, your custom drawer sides are made on site in just a few additional days. Once your custom dovetail drawer profile is created, we can stock that profile as your proprietary drawers manufacturer profile for your business, and your business only.

Whether you call it a molding or moulding, every Tilo product is craftsman quality, made using technology that guarantees consistency, is shipped on time and offered at fair and competitive prices. That's what makes us Beyond Reliable.

Meeting your exact specifications.

It's important that the drawer sides manufactured for you are to your exact specifications. Tilo's leading edge technology offers a modern guarantee to the old adage, measure twice, cut once, ensuring

  • thickness desired
  • with or without groove
  • groove placement
  • edge treatment desired
  • dovetail drawers manufacturers
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