Wood Panel Manufacturing

Edge Glued Panels

Edge Glued Panels - Perfect for wide dining room tables, large wooden doors, shelving and much more.
Edge glued panels are an effective way to create a large, dimensionally stable panel of hardwood for creating a seamless and solid appearance.  It's hard to find wide lumber because, of course, trees only grow so big. Even in large lumber, the wider a piece of wood, the more that wood moves to follow the growth ring which results in cupping and twisting.

At Tilo, we glue pieces of wood 1 1/4" to 5 1/2", matching the grain and color to create a one-piece look.

Custom butcher block style tops are available per your request, using a specific species or pattern of species, or to suit a particular size.

RF Gluing

Our professionals create smooth, craftsman quality panels using a precision edge gluing machine that delivers radio frequencies (RF). RF gluing works like a microwave to glue the panels together, creating a strong adhesion. The advantages we pass on to our customers by using the latest wood panel manufacturing machinery are many.

  • With RF gluing, the glue dries faster, leading to shorter production times. Your order takes less time to produce at Tilo. 
  • We make more panels in a shorter period of time, and pass that cost benefit on to our customers.
  • With better glue joints, a better saw cut and knowledge of the perfect moisture properties, we protect the panels from joint failure. We produce a better product right from the start.
Panel Sanding

The finishing is the last step in our edge-glued panels. We plane and sand the pieces so they are completely smooth, down to your requested final thickness with a platen finish. Learn more about Tilo's wood panel manufacturing process and other value-added services.

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