Laminated Panels

When one thickness of a material is not enough to achieve your desired thickness, we stack the wood and laminate for a wider, thicker product. Laminated panels are often used for functional, high-use applications, like in tabletops, table legs, pedestal feet, island tops, dresser tops and chair seats. We can create a large specific shape as needed from a solid piece of wood.

Many manufacturers use our laminated panels to further produce their own products. We partner with many companies to help achieve their end product, whether it's a finished component used in assembly or a blank used to further machine into a final product.

Giving the look of a solid wood product, laminated panels can be two, three, four or even more panels, adhered to create a thicker, more durable product. The benefits of Tilo's laminated wood products are strength and appearance of the wood, as if the laminated piece is one solid piece of wood.


Choose your wood species and order a quantity of laminated panel blanks to supply your building project. Our high quality lumber, expertise and technology blend for superior laminated blanks.

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