Precision End Trimmed (P.E.T.) Cut-To-Length Parts


Precision is a word we frequently use to describe Tilo's millwork, custom components and moulding. When it comes to cut-to-length parts, we take the extra measuring work out of your project time. Precision is a must when we deliver ready-to-use hardwood components to your facility.

P.E.T. cut-to-length parts are highly customized to your specifications. Each part must fit the overall construction perfectly. Tilo's professionals and specialized machinery seek to ensure that perfect match each and every time.

P.E.T. Cut-To-Length Blanks


If one piece is just a little off, a whole production process can be affected. We partner with manufacturers to ensure their efficiency and production is the best it can be with the right precision end trimmed, cut-to-length blanks from the start.

Manufacturers of table legs and other production parts appreciate the precision in P.E.T. cut-to-length blanks, which they can quickly shape to their design. Precision end trimming assists manufactures in getting their components and other production parts accurate and to their specification. This speeds production and efficiency in your manufacturing process. When parts are not received with ultimate precision, it only serves to hold up your process.

When the product is superior quality wood, treated as a craftsman piece--even if it's a blank, no matter it's use--the final piece is superior, craftsman quality.

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