Lumber Surfacing & SLR-1E

With the right technology and precision, any piece of wood can be surfaced to any thickness. Often the wood is too large for a planer and jointer. Lumber surfacing can speed your project along, saving you time and effort of readying a larger order or piece of lumber for more intricate work.

What is SLR-1E?

SLR-1E is a straight line rip on one edge. Because boards come in random widths and with rough edges, a straight edge makes all boards the same, ripped with the grain. Paired with lumber surfacing, Tilo's quality lumber comes to you ready for your project.

For the do-it-yourselfer interested in gluing his or her own panels, SLR-1E ripped and surfaced is the perfect product for projects such as this.

Contact us today to talk about your lumber surfacing and SLR-1E specifications.

Whatever your wood moulding or hardwood component needs, every Tilo product is finished to your specification. Our millwork is craftsman quality, made using technology that guarantees consistency, shipped on time and offered at fair and competitive prices. That's what makes us Beyond Reliable.

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