How to Choose a Wood Moulding Manufacturer

Discover exactly what to expect from your wood moulding supplier.

Wood Moulding Manufacturer
  • Architectural Craftsman-Quality

Moulding starts with a vision from the mind of an expert architectural craftsman, like ours here at Tilo. As a wood moulding manufacturer, we take pride in every piece of moulding-formed art we produce by investing in our employees, technology, and the precision machinery needed to produce the highest-quality work.

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Wood Moulding Suppliers
  • Just-For-You Designs

Don’t settle for a moulding supplier that hands you a run-of-the-mill box full of generic products. Help us design a unique moulding for your space by simply supplying us with a rendering or drawing, picture, sample, or CAD drawing.

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Reliable Dependable Service
  • Reliable & Dependable Service

Wood moulding suppliers develop their craft over time. We’ve been perfecting ours since 1998 and continue improving our technology and process. Along with the highest-quality wood and products, we’re proud to maintain an honest, flexible, and reliable reputation with all our clients.

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Cutting Edge Technology
  • Cutting Edge Technology

As a Beyond Reliable moulding supplier, we ensure our highly skilled craftsmen have the latest machining technology to produce consistent, high-quality products. Our 22,000 square foot facility is home to 11 optimum condition precision machines.

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Fast On-Time Project Delivery
  • Fast, On-Time Project Delivery

You can always rely on our ability to accomplish your project quickly and deliver it on time. To do this, we operate in two shifts with a total of 184 combined years of experience and service. Between our countless skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge technology, our increased production capabilities mean your expectations are met every time.

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